ACO or HMO? We've Covered Both.

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Many agencies have HMO experience. For a digital marketing agency to have experience with ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) however, you’d have to go to the specific states where this idea is taking hold. ABGD has worked both the HMOs, Cooperatives and ACOs over the years, giving us experience with each model of care delivery. Not many agencies can say that.

Pictured here is some of our work for Metropolitan Health Plan (a seven-year client) and the innovative and successful ACO Hennepin Health. Hennepin Health, in fact, has been so successful that it has been nationally recognized as a “missing link” in the delivery of care for the low-income and previously uninsured market.

Link here to one of numerous articles on the successful implementation of Hennepin Health. Client MHP is instrumental in administering this program throughout Hennepin and associated counties. If you are really into this topic, link here to another article that covers the specific cost-controls provided by this holistic delivery model.