Who we are and what we do ~

We understand the psychology behind business and the need for positive representation. 
The services The K Factor Enterprises helps you integrate, creates a solid base for small businesses and provides a fresh approach to an already existing large foundation. There are numerous venues to express and gain brand awareness, we help you to find the best possible choices for you.

The K Factor Enterprises provides you with a team of impeccable individuals that have a desire to see you compete in any market and be a huge success. We provide a strategy for your development, coaching for your progress, trainings for your improvement and the education necessary to understand how it is done. At The K Factor Enterprises we treat every client as unique.
The K Factor Enterprises was created in 2010 by Kelly Rose Pion.

Kelly created The K Factor Enterprises because of her aspiration to see everyone reach their maximum potential.

~ Background on Kelly Rose Pion - Capone

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