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Home / Articles Posted by Chris Birt just completed another fabulous season with record attendance.  We created this brand from a blank piece of paper–from zero, zip, nada in 2010. Depicted is one of our posters that we gave away at a book signing by Neil Gaiman. You could just print it out and have him

Oh boy, did we have fun with Lucid Brewing in 2014. Not only was our original, 100% inauthentic spokesmodel’s cover blown by his creator in the StarTribune, but the Brewery blew past all sales records for MN Brewing–making it to 2000 barrels in its first year. That’s saying something in the

Many of our bloggers and content marketing specialists cut their teeth at City Pages, The Rake Magazine and Secrets of the City. All of these online properties maintain a healthy profile today but it appears that content marketing or as they say more fashionably “brand journalism” is where the real

2013 was a great year for marketing destinations. We have been fortunate to work with some of the finest property developers in the county in the hottest destinations. How about a 5 Star Hotel on the University of Minnesota campus where Bob Dylan once lived? It’s actually student living try

Growth Hacking and the New Metrics.

Branding Beyond Silicon Valley

Whether method or mindset, Growth Hacking requires an ecosystem to take hold. To use a last century analogy, it’s tough to imagine a business like McDonald’s taking off without the interstate highway system. Smart marketers today are simply becoming more deliberate in the way they leverage the

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Jay Weiner does a story on our campaign for the Minnesota Lynx. Great links to our TV and Radio spots (they were banned so it’s questionable if they work at times).

This feature does a comprehensive job setting up the challenges we faced in re-branding the Minnesota Lynx and women’s professional basketball.

Maybach is Back

And for $189,000.00 you can sit in the lap of luxury. I think this is actually a good marketing move, to use the moniker as a trim level instead of a stand alone model. We bet it will sell well and create a whole new generation of Playstation4 addicts among

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Investing at work. For American Express.

We have worked on a stupefying array of financial services and banking products over the years: from 401ks to “financial instruments” with multiple acronyms. This campaign for American Express encouraged first time employees to contribute to their company savings plan–while at work. Unlike most campaigns for such products that put the

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