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Tech - Niche Seminars
Throughout  Summer 2014 We Are Offering Detailed Seminars
please pick from the subjects below

Our seminars are tailored to fit your needs.

We provide weekend workshops, individual tutorials, theater style sessions.

Our demographics include but are not limited to C-Suite Executives, Small Business Owners, Transitioning Individuals, Independent Contractors and Employees.

Past clients have enjoyed the subject matters below:

Branding/Public Relations

We teach today's technology and why integration is necessary. This knowledge is important in order to provide you with the best branding and marketing scenario.  We share with you how to evaluate a creative and strategic based method including but not limited to your web presence, to drive your goods and/or services into the market place. It is all about ROI.
We do this by researching and analyzing effective information of products and/or services gaining necessary exposure for success.

As you know promoting purchasing interest and marketing awareness through communicating direct benefits and consumer value, to the public is key. This is done by formulating an effective plan to manipulate traffic as we we implement today's technology to optimize your brand.


The K Factor evaluates your options in specific target markets.
We analyze your current information, review industry related statistics and provide strategic possibilities.
We help you define your objectives and coach you on marketing opportunities.
We teach the importance of customer service, nurturing relationships and how to properly maintain your presence.
The over all goal is to increase your exposure therefore expanding your reach.

Coaching/Corporate Presenter

We provides a unique service to enhance the product and skill development of your team. If your public speaking skills need to brushed up on or you experience pre- performance anxiety we our professional coach works one on one with you.
We also provide corporate presenters and professional trainers who are articulate speakers and versatile with conveying your message, teaching your curriculum and executing team building activities.

We have extensive experience with professional and non professionals alike as well across different corporate cultures. We work with your script or help build your curriculum.

Whether your need is in-house or off-site, conventions or a classroom settings  our corporate presenters and professional trainers enhance any learning setting.

Social Etiquette/Project Management

We gain exposure to identifiable audiences that promote your business.

If your need is national or international exposure we write and issue press releases.

If maximizing your social media is what is needed, we implement this tactic.

If optimizing search engines stimulates interest, then we work on your SEO.

We help create and deliver information and data. We control the flow that connects your organization and the public.

The K Factor Enterprises considers networking a way to share the talents and common interests of other businesses.