We offer marketing campaigns, consulting ideas, and public relations tactics.

We provide trainings and seminars to ensure a deeper understanding of today's technology.

We combine this with website design, SEO, graphic creation and social media integration.

We do all of this to fit your needs.

Project Management

  • Application Design

Our team will assist you in the  activity planning, organizing, and motivating process. We help in controlling resources to achieve the specific goals of your project. The K Factor Enterprises guides your team in the management of the project including the scope, time, quality and budget while trying to achieve all of the project goals.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Email Campaigns

In order to provide you with the best marketing scenario we evaluate a creative and strategic based method including but not limited to your web presence, to drive your goods and/or services into the market place.

We do this by researching and analyzing effective information of products and/or services gaining necessary exposure for success.
The K Factor Enterprises promotes purchasing interest and marketing awareness through communicating direct benefits and consumer value, to the public. This is done by formulating an effective plan to manipulate traffic as we we implement today's technology to optimize your brand.

Public Relations

  • Press Release

At The K Factor Enterprises we leverage established relationships to create a distribution of information to ensure your target audience is reached effectively. We determine an ideal message and make sure the message is properly conveyed in order to be absorbed by your audience. If your requirement is an internet presence and logo design The K Factor creates your vision. If your requirement is image management and networking appeal

The K Factor will attract attention.

Social Etiquette

  • Profile Creation
  • Coaching
  • Public Presence

The K Factor Enterprises realizes in today's technology that your professional presence can be supported or damaged by your online profiles. We guide and instruct a professional way of behavior when creating your digital footprint. We offer speech coaching, help establish key opportunities for networking, identify strengths and groom you accordingly.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Integration

The K Factor Enterprises will build, assist you in the design, layout, and functionality of your website. We will advise you on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice, navigation layout, content layout and image management to achieve your desired website goal.


  • Social Media
  • Google Collection
  • SEO

We offer private tutorials, corporate seminars, interactive instruction, and formal lectures. At whatever level your skill is in today's technology having a strong foundation and staying knowledgeable is a vital key to personal and professional success. The K Factor Enterprises curtails this event to fit your needs or you can choose from predetermined subjects.


  • Social Media
  • Image Management

We brand your passion and thrive on making your business a success. The goal of the K Factor Enterprises is to evaluate and develop the essence of how you want to be perceived. We take a pro-active attitude on the perception about your company and the desired impact of your brand.

If your requirement is self promotion or media manipulation The K Factor provides the technology.


  • Business Development
  • Coaching

The K Factor Enterprises evaluates your options in specific target markets.

We analyze your current information, review industry related statistics and provide strategic possibilities.

At The K Factor Enterprises we help you define your objectives and coach you on marketing opportunities. We groom your online presence to integrate with your message.

We teach the importance of customer service, nurturing relationships and how to properly maintain your personal profiles.
The over all goal is to increase your exposure therefore expanding your reach.

The K Factor Enterprises